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     ।\'রুদ্ধসঙ্গীত মঙ্গলবার ২৮শে নভেম্বর সন্ধে ৬-৩০ মিনিট একাডেমিতে । নাটক,নির্দেশনা ও অভিনয়ে - ব্রাত্য বসু । জর্জ বিশ্বাসের চরিত্রে দেবশঙ্কর হালদার। হলে টিকিট ১টা থেকে ৭টা থেকে । চলভাযে বুকিং করুন 9836666692 / 9830083839.
Natya Ayojan

An important step ahead towards the vision of Bratyajon has been to organize an Annual Theatre festival, "Bratyajon Natya Aayojon"an event which commenced from the year 2011. Though conducted in Kolkata the festival has a national and international reach with stage performances from theatre groups across the world. This year, the festival continued for 4 days (16th Feb2012 to 19th Feb2012) where the participants came from Odisha, Asam, Kashmir and Bangladesh as well.

After the tremendous success of the Theater Festival held in last year, Bratyajon is on it's way for the next Annual Theatre Festival to be held in the month of April 2013. It would comprise theater troupes from Kolkata, different states of India and international theatre companies overseas.The preaparation is on. Please stay on this page for the next update.

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