Kalindi Bratyajon
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     ।\'রুদ্ধসঙ্গীত মঙ্গলবার ২৮শে নভেম্বর সন্ধে ৬-৩০ মিনিট একাডেমিতে । নাটক,নির্দেশনা ও অভিনয়ে - ব্রাত্য বসু । জর্জ বিশ্বাসের চরিত্রে দেবশঙ্কর হালদার। হলে টিকিট ১টা থেকে ৭টা থেকে । চলভাযে বুকিং করুন 9836666692 / 9830083839.
From Director's Desk
Bratya Basu

After working with many theatre groups as a guest director, actor and playwright for the last 18 years, I finally created my own group in the year 2008 named Kalindi Bratyajon. It is rightly said that theatre constitutes the heartbeats of people or a nation. I strongly believe that theatre as a media of communication constantly mirrors and reflects the society. Theatre has the ability to engage and appeal to all the senses at the same time. It focuses on skill enhancement which includes strengthening voice and bodily expressions, analytical skills as well as craft skills. We concentrate on development of artists from the members of our group, individually handpicked by our experts through a series of screening processes. However, theatre is not limited to crude technicalities and skills of acting and production; it has larger social and intellectual objectives as well. Participation in a theatre group helps one appreciate group-level participation, cooperation and communication. We therefore wish to open up a horizon of possibilities for theatre lovers not only in our state but aim to invite national and international participation of theatre lovers.This website aims to mobilize theatre lovers across the world. We aim to make you aware about the different activities being carried out by Bratyajon. We invite your enthusiastic participation and communication to enrich our activities further. We further request you to send in your queries, suggestions and feedback to improve our presentation in future. Come, let us join hands to think and build a new world by contributing actively to the ever-changing world of theatre.