Kalindi Bratyajon
P 65, Kalindi Housing Scheme, Kolkata
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     ।\'রুদ্ধসঙ্গীত মঙ্গলবার ২৮শে নভেম্বর সন্ধে ৬-৩০ মিনিট একাডেমিতে । নাটক,নির্দেশনা ও অভিনয়ে - ব্রাত্য বসু । জর্জ বিশ্বাসের চরিত্রে দেবশঙ্কর হালদার। হলে টিকিট ১টা থেকে ৭টা থেকে । চলভাযে বুকিং করুন 9836666692 / 9830083839.
From Secretary's Desk

The decision to launch the theatre group, Bratyajon was taken in late 2008. The first production of Bratyajon, Ruddhasangeet, staged for the first time on 20th Mar2009, generated an overwhelming response from the audience. The group came into limelight almost immediately and it was a dream start for a new genre of Bengali theatre. A bold and electrifying attempt by the creator, playwright and director, Bratya Basu, Ruddhasangeet created a record as we performed the 100th show in August 2012.

Basu’s multi-faceted skills became the talking point with a series of successful productions, Canvasser, Byomkesh, Tasher Desh and Chirakumar Sabha. The vision of Bratyajon not only remained confined to its distinct productions but further extended to the launch of new and young artistic talents in their plays.  Bratyajon aims to create the required space and infrastructure for theatre to become a viable career option for artists of the new generation. We have focused on publication of a theatre journal and different books in the domain of theatre. We recognize and acknowledge good talent by conferring on them the Bishnu Basu Memorial Award instituted in the honour of Bishnu Basu, the eminent theatre playwright and father of Bratya Basu. We also conduct seminars, festivals and workshops in the sphere of theatre. We nurture young talents by conducting regular workshops with the children in the age group of 6 to 14 years. We look forward to see Bratyajon emerging as the pivotal point of another cultural renaissance in West Bengal.